Collage Square

Collage Square

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Upload your photo for the Collage Square. Minimum size: 600px × 600px

All proceeds will go directly towards our campaign for our future home. Any photo that meets the guidelines* below can be added to create a collage which will be featured on one of two walls in SICSA’s new building. Memorialize or honor a pet, family member or friend. Share a favorite moment. It’s completely up to you. Submitted photos will then be arranged to create a collage which will become a featured part of SICSA’s history in our new, state-of-the art facility.  

We are planning to create approximately 12 collages, each having 648 donors’ photos at 2” square, grouped together to create one large image. Each collage will be a permanent fixture in our new building and will showcase our supporters and community pets. 

If you would like to support us further by submitting more than one photo, please add multiple squares to your cart. You can submit as many squares as you want.

Thank you for your donation!

* Photos must meet the terms and conditions
** This rendered photo collage is for conceptual purposes only and does not show accurate detail or represent the final image.